E-Surveillance Courses

PHP teaches summer courses on electronic surveillance (or e-Surveillance) at Schools of Public Health at the University of Michigan and through the EPIC summer program at Columbia University. This course is designed to convey the emerging practices and principles of public health surveillance in the 21st-century. The course describes how new opportunities in governance, inter- and intra-agency collaborations, information and communication technologies (ICT), cutting edge analytic tools and techniques, novel data sources, and a dynamic workforce are fundamentally transforming the future of public health surveillance. It also demonstrates how core functions of public health surveillance including detection, registration, confirmation, analysis, feedback, communication, and response, can be enabled, enhanced, and empowered by these new opportunities. In addition to the traditional short-course format, it is currently being delivered as a month-long blended learning course through EPIC at Columbia University.

e-Surveillance at EPIC