Laboratory Biosafety Compliance

Public health laboratories handle deadly specimens with the power to infect those who work with them. Laboratory Biosafety Programs are critical to ensuring that proper procedures are followed and safe practices are implemented at all times.

To support laboratories that monitor and improve their Laboratory Biosafety Programs, PHP developed and piloted an assessment tool to provide information for management. PHP developed six logics models, an overarching logic model on laboratory biosafety and five sub-logic models on biosecurity, procedures, biocontainment, information security, and training. These were based on an extensive literature review of existing LBPs. Indicators were developed or borrowed from existing literature to guide development of the logic models and assessment tool.

The final assessment tool was pilot tested in two laboratories; Florida Bureau of Public Health Laboratories and San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. It was used to assess and monitor performance and identify gaps, opportunities, and challenges for strategic planning, and the indicators can be further selected to drill into a particular program area of a LBP.

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