Transforming Public Health Surveillance

Transforming Public Health Surveillance describes how a new vision can fundamentally transform the future direction of public health surveillance (PHS). We describe how the core functions of PHS (detect, register, confirm, analyze, provide feedback, communicate, and respond) can be enabled, enhanced, and empowered by new opportunities and how public health workers could do their work better, faster, and cheaper if these opportunities are leveraged. Learn more >

Swaziland Public Health Surveillance Strengthening

In partnership with ICAP at Columbia University, PHP is supporting The Kingdom of Swaziland’s Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit to support capacity building for Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response. Learn more >

The African One Health e-Surveillance Initiative

ICT can enhance public health surveillance by facilitating digital exchange of data. PHP and the African Field Epidemiology Network (AFENET) conceived and piloted the African One Health e-Surveillance Initiative to lay the foundation for strategic planning and implementation of e-Surveillance in the WHO/AFRO region. Learn more >

Evaluating Readiness for the Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS)

PHP helped support the development, implementation, and maintenance of the EIDSS system in several countries across the Caucasus. Learn more >

Laboratory Biosafety Compliance

PHP conducted business process analysis of laboratory biosafety programs to develop and pilot test a novel evaluation tool of biosafety compliance within Biosafety Level 3 and 4 laboratories. Learn more >

Supporting the Surveillance Quality Working Group at ECDC

PHP supported the European Centers for Disease Control in developing guidelines for maintaining the quality of public health surveillance. Learn more >

Literature Review of Emergency Operations Centers

PHP provided the WHO with foundational steps towards developing evidence-informed guidance for building, maintaining, and using public health emergency operations centers. Learn more >

International Health Regulations Costing Tool

PHP provided technical support to the WHO to support global compliance of the IHR (2005). In collaboration with other partners, PHP developed a costing tool for Member States to determine gaps and impediments in their implementation of IHR (2005) and costs to addressing them. Learn more >

e-Surveillance Courses

PHP teaches graduate-level summer courses at the Schools of Public Health at Columbia University and the University of Michigan on the emerging practices and principles of electronic surveillance, or e-Surveillance. The course describes new opportunities in information and communication technologies (ICT) are fundamentally transforming the future of public health surveillance. Learn more >