Sustainable surveillance systems and public health programs should rest upon a solid foundation and plan of action. Strategic planning is a process whose steps are as important as the outcome – building consensus and buy-in from key players for the future is a critical component of successful strategic planning. The resulting document can serve as continued guidance throughout the challenges of implementation.

PHP has merged a number of strategic planning methods with its proprietary conceptual monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework to provide decision makers with the information necessary to develop and execute a practical, sustainable, and impactful strategic plan. We assist clients answer three key questions:

  • Are we doing the right things with our vision, mission, goals, strategies, and objectives?
  • Are we doing the right things well by performing effectively?
  • Are we using the best approaches by performing efficiently without waste?

Most importantantly, PHP believes the process of strategic planning is as important as the final document. Building consensus, working with stakeholders, and securing buy-in and ownership of key factors determines the ultimate success of the strategic plan. Additionally, PHP uses our skillset to help prepare for strategic planning by executing landscape analysis, facilitating strategic planning that is inclusive of critical stakeholders, and aiding in execution by providing a robust monitoring framework. Our toolbox includes the SWOT analyses and balanced scorecards.