State of the Art Solutions

to public, private, and non-profit sectors across a wide variety of disciplines

Solutions Based on Experience, powered by innovation

Public Health Practice consultants are not just experienced, they’re armed with the most innovative tools available for advancing the identification, evaluation, and remediation of potential crises. 

Our diverse backgrounds enable us to look at problems from a variety of approaches, and our solid understanding of current technologies enables us to implement solutions rapidly and effectively. Many of our consultants have extensive backgrounds in teaching and in guiding public health education at nationally- and internationally-recognized institutions. Many have worked “in the trenches” with the CDC, the WHO, and other recognized health organizations. 

PHP offers governments, educational institutions, and communities to capitalize on our breadth of experience, reducing the time and expense necessary to develop solid strategic plans, monitor and evaluate situations, analyze conditions, and increase educational awareness. 

Public Health Surveillance

Delivering innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of modern public health surveillance.

Public Health Informatics

Leveraging advances in informatics and ICT for greater public health impact.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Using validated and innovative tools and processes to ensure sustainable, long-term success.

Public Health Education

Enabling successful programs and interventions by building well-trained and competent workforces.

Strategic Planning

Promoting best practices, tools, and processes for business development and strategic planning.