Public Health Informatics

PHP leverages advances in informatics and ICT for greater public health impact.

Public health informatics uses advances in technology and analytics to harness the power of data for public health impact. PHP is a leader in electronic surveillance, or e-Surveillance, which applies the concepts of public health informatics to public health surveillance. Across the globe, the expansion of information and communication technology infrastructure, such as mobile internet, has increased the potential of e-Surveillance to have a major impact on the quality and timeliness of data collected in public health surveillance systems. What used to take hours using paper and pen can now be accomplished with the click of a mouse or an SMS. 

PHP is a thought leader in e-Surveillance. Our vision of e-Surveillance is based on “appropriate technology.” We believe that the ability of technology to deliver effective and time-saving solutions relies on the capability of the tool to meet functional needs and enhance efficiency while being user friendly. Technology is a tool to support workflows and programmatic goals and should be utilized as such; PHP does not advocate technology for the sake of technology.  

Practical application of informatics concepts and extensive experience in public health practice make our team exceptionally qualified to support assessments, strategic planning, training, and implementation of e-Surveillance in Africa, the Middle East, and beyond.