Public Health Surveillance

In 2014, the world experienced its deadliest outbreak of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever.

Recent outbreaks have highlighted the critical need for robust public health surveillance in all corners of the world. PHP works with Ministries of Health and Agriculture to strengthen public health surveillance in innovative ways in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our vision for public health surveillance is integrated disease surveillance that supports compliance with the International Health Regulations (2005) using a One Health approach. PHP is also a pioneer of electronic surveillance (e-Surveillance). 

Principals of the PHP Approach

Sustainability and local ownership are central to PHP’s philosophy, and we work closely with in-country partners to provide technical support as needed.
One Health
We facilitate collaboration among agencies conducting veterinary/wildlife, environmental, and public health surveillance whenever possible.
Integrated Disease Surveillance
We work toward integrated disease surveillance that leverages shared resources and minimizes labor burden. We work extensively with Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) in the African region.
International Health Regulations (2005)
We are experts in the International Health Regulations (2005) and support countries achieve compliance with this global mandate.
We are a leader in e-Surveillance and work with countries to incorporate appropriate and feasible ICT solutions into their public health surveillance systems.