Supporting The Surveillance Quality Working Group At ECDC

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) undertook efforts to improved knowledge management for impact. PHP assisted the ECDC working group, “Surveillance Systems Quality,” to organize and enhance an e-library for use by surveillance officers and personnel.

As part of this project, PHP first summarized and categorized all content already collected within the e-library. Additionally, documents were identified via an exhaustive literature review and systematically summarized by PHP for inclusion in the e-library. PHP then identified and defined relevant keywords and tagged them electronically with each abstract to improve the end-user utility and efficiency of the e-manual. Results from an extensive literature review were also provided to ECDC including the literature review approach and methodology. An EndNote library of these results was created and provided to ECDC.

Following the population of the e-library, PHP provided editorial services to ECDC to review and provide extensive revisions to the e-manual chapters provided by the EU working group on monitoring and evaluating surveillance systems. PHP reviewed all chapters and suggested linking conceptual themes across chapters and appropriate links between the e-library and e-manual. These resources have helped ECDC implement more efficient surveillance activities.